Proudly Connecting Canada Since 2001

Canadian Network Installations Ltd., CNI, is a full-service telecommunications installation company. Founded on the principles of exceptional quality and craftsmanship, we continue to operate with the same passion and commitment our customers and industry expect.

Technology has become an essential component of contemporary life, providing the frictionless means to connect the world. The innovation of leading global companies fuels research and development, and the infrastructure built by both incumbent and competitive local exchange carriers, whether public or private enterprises, allow us to embrace these technological breakthroughs and integrate them into our daily lives. CNI is committed to training with leading equipment manufacturers and collaborating with carriers, which drives not only the expansion of infrastructure, but also the evolution of communications in our country and around the world. CNI is proudly committed and proudly Canadian.

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CNI is able to provide clients with ongoing advise and recommendations to enhance end product performance.

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Canadian Network Installations Ltd., CNI, is proudly celebrating its 15 year anniversary of servicing the telecommunications industry!

CNI has set the benchmark for network installations and infrastructure support. We provide a wide variety of products and services to incumbent and competitive local exchange carriers, private and public networks.

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